In Memoriam – British Blues

Here are a series of obituaries, tributes, dedications and biographies in lasting memory of early British blues artists and those involved in the early British blues scene who have sadly passed on.

Long John Baldry – singer/guitarist and a lifelong stalwart of the British blues

Bob Brunning – a founder member of Fleetwood Mac and a stalwart of the British blues scene for five decade

Cyril Davies – British blues pioneer

Rory Gallagher – the ‘people’s guitarist

Peter Green – a bluesman, plain and simple.

Brian Knight – one of the most respected and important figures in British blues history

Paul Oliver – pre-eminent authority on the blues

Duffy Power – ‘the best 60s British blues singer there was’

Dave Raven – ‘Dave The Rave’ : “Sometime DJ, film maker, boat safety examiner & gadget freak”

Steve Rye – 60s/70s harmonica player accompaniest of Jo Ann Kelly

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