Books, Magazines, Radio, Websites, Internet Links and other recommended reference material and sources.


Early Blues Books – Personal Recommendations

My personal recommendations of blues books categorised by:

General – essential reading
Catalogues – blues reference ‘bibles’
Themed – regional, influences, etc.
Specific Artists Рbiographies and autobiographies 

Early Blues Books – Full Bibliography

Comprehensive bibliography of some 470+ blues books referenced on the Internet, A fantastic achievement by the compiler, Mike Bullock. Many thanks to Mike for allowing the bibliography to be published here. The work is categorised by:

Editors and Authors
History and Social Comment
Biographies and Profiles
Interviews, Photographic Record and Portraits
Reference and Discography
Poetry and Travel Guides

Blues Magazines

UK & European printed and Internet based blues magazines.

Blues Radio

A selection of Internet based radio stations streaming the blues worldwide.

Blues Websites

UK blues websites with substantial historical content

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