Slave To The Blues

A Slave Coffle using wooden chains – unknown date

The ‘Slave To The Blues’ research project seeks to focus on the secular roots of the Blues back in slavery times in the USA.  Of course these roots will also include references to black sacred music the flipside of the blues coin, from spirituals on down.

This is a long term collaborative project between Max Haymes, Rex Haymes, Robin Andrews, Dai Thomas and Alan White, where we intend to highlight the non-religious music of the African American before 1865.

As a starter here is the first essay:
Slave To The Blues (Coffles and the Auction Block – Slave Roots of the Blues)


Underground Railroad

The ‘Underground Railroad’ research project is consolidated on the website. It the gives an insight into the Underground Railroad movement during American slavery times, incorporating a collection of references to seminal works together with personal material and anecdotes. The website includes the origins of the underground railroad, a chronology of key dates and significant events, influential people, locations and associated events, essays and articles specialising in the underground railroad, research projects, a bibliography of key reference literature, a discography of related music and video, and Internet website references.

The Underground Railroad website is an associated website with


Readers are welcome to email Alan White at to discuss their own blues related research projects and potential for publication here.