Miscellaneous articles, image and photo galleries, memorabilia, references and rarities covering all aspects of the blues and associated topics.

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Blues? – What is The Blues?

‘What Is The Blues?’ – definition/meaning of the blues and what does the blues mean to you? compiled by Alan White.


Blues Genres Directory

Blues genres – A directory of the main blues genres together with a brief description of the genre and stylistic origins.


Blues Artists Directories

Blues Artists Directory – A directory of early (pre-war) US blues artists, their backgrounds, blues music genres, and hometowns.

Blues Singers and Their Instruments (new 2021 version) – A comprehensive study of blues artists and their acoustic instruments by Dai Thomas.


Blues Artists Biographies

Biographies – a series of biographies of early blues artists and bands.


Blues Memorial Parks

The Robert Johnson Blues Park – announcing the development of a blues park as a permanent tribute to the legendary bluesman.


Blues Memories

Memories – Readers own memories of how they ‘discovered’ the blues, how this has grown over the years, who they have seen (and where) and who has inspired them the most.


Blues Record Labels

Blues Record Labels – A study of the pre-war American recording industry producing recordings primarily intended for the African American market (termed “Race Records” – i.e. to refer to African Americans as a whole race of people).


Blues Related Locations

Blues Related Locations – Details and images of towns, localities and areas historically related to the blues, incorporating blues trail markers, historical commemorative markers, associated information and photo galleries.


Blues Resting Places

Resting Places – Photographs and details of the final resting places of the early Bluesmakers.


Blues Travelogues

Blues Travelogues – Sharing memories of pilgrimages to the ‘Land Where the Blues Began’.


Commemorative Markers

Commemorative Markers – US based organisations with programs for the placement of historical commemorative markers which identify and interpret significant historical sites relating to the blues and associated themes.


Event Reviews

Click here for miscellaneous reviews of vintage blues festivals on the International blues scene (excl. UK – see British Blues tab above) – coming soon

Click here for miscellaneous reviews of vintage blues gigs on the International blues scene (excl. UK – see British Blues tab above) – coming soon


In Memoriam

Obituaries of early blues artists – a series of obituaries, dedications and biographies in memory of early blues artists and those involved in the early blues scene.



Interviews – a selection of interviews with historical blues significance.


Miscellaneous Articles

Miscellaneous Articles – an eclectic mix of blues related articles


Other Associated Themes

Gospel Music
– Music characterized by dominant vocals drawn from Christian worship and often featuring Christian evangelical lyrics, sharing some of the same roots, influences and musical traits of blues music.

Civil Rights Movement  (Coming soon)
– Evolution of the Civil Rights movement in the context of historical blues sites.

Mississippi Freedom Trail (Coming soon)
– Commemorative markers at Mississippi sites recording events in civil rights history.

Underground Railroad
– The network of secret routes and safe houses used by slaves escaping from slave holding states to free states and Canada in early-mid 19th century.



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Bessie Smith – A Painting by Gill Smith
© Copyright 2013 Gill Smith. All Rights Reserved.