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‘A Workstation for Delta Blues Guitar and Other Musings’

May I introduce you to an on-line resource for those wanting to learn to play the guitar based on the songs of prominent pre-war blues artists.

The guitar tutorial website was set up by MItchell Park based on the success of early YouTube (‘Blah148’) guitar lessons.

The site contains:

‘A workstation for Delta Blues Guitar’ – comprising over 100 guitar tutorials based on the songs of Blind Lemon Jefferson, Charley Patton, Robert Johnson, etc.

‘The Ragged and Dirty Blog’ (Delta Blues and other Musings)’ – comprising a series of articles about early blues music and musicians.

About the Site (from the tutor, MItchell Park):

For guitar enthusiasts of early blues, here is a new tutorial site (similar to Stefan Grossman’s site) which covers the discographies of artists like Charley Patton, Blind Joe Reynolds, Blind Lemon Jefferson, Son House, and so on.

What this site offers compared to other sites is coverage of songs which aren’t covered with lessons elsewhere (such as Robert Petway’s and others’ discographies). As well, the site lays each lesson out with easy-to-use, streamable video pages, alongside helpful biographical and analysis content.

There are more lessons added each week, and based on the goal of Ploddings (which is to cover all prominent pre-war blues artists’ songs with lessons), this will likely continue for years to come. Also, Mitchell, the tutor, is quite friendly and always open for a chat over email.

Hope you find this website helpful!

Click here for the Ploddings Guitar tutorial website.