British Blues – Classic Albums

Stevie King here reviews a selection of Classic British Blues Albums. Stevie is well known for his great blues guitar playing and for his extensive knowledge of British (and American) blues and as co-founder (along with Peter Harvie) of the British Blues Archive.

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“R&B From The Marquee” – Alexis Korner’s Blues Incorporated

Recorded 8th June 1962

Released November 1962 on Decca’s Ace of Cubs label


“The Rolling Stones” debut LP

Recorded Jan/Feb 1964,

Released April 1964 on Decca LK 4605


“Five Live Yardbirds”

Recorded Live at the Marquee Club, London W.1. March 1964

Released December 1964 on Columbia 33SX 1677


“The Sound of ’65” – The Graham Bond Organisation

Recorded: Dec 1964 / Jan & Feb 1965

Released: February 26th 1965 on Columbia 33SX 1711


“Blues Breakers with Eric Clapton” (“The Beano Album”)

Recorded March 1966 at Decca West Hampstead

Released 22nd July 1966 Decca LK4804


“A Hard Road” – John Mayall and the Bluesbreakers

Recorded Oct/Nov 1966

Released Feb 1967 Decca SKL 4853


“The Blues Alone” – John Mayall

Recorded 1st May 1967

Released Nov. 1967 on Decca Ace of Clubs SCL 1243


“Fleetwood Mac” – aka ‘the Dog and Dustbin’ album

Recorded Nov/Dec 1967

Released on Blue Horizon 7-63200 Feb. 1968


“Forty Blue Fingers, Freshly Packed and Ready to Serve” – Chicken Shack

Recorded Feb. ’68

Released June ’68 Blue Horizon 7-63203


“Getting To The Point” – The Savoy Brown Blues Band

Recorded March 1968 at Decca, West Hampstead.

Released July ’68 Decca SKL 4935


“Mr. Wonderful” – Fleetwood Mac

Recorded CBS Studios April 1968

Released on Blue Horizon 7-63205 August 1968


“Bare Wires” – John Mayall’s Bluesbreakers

Recorded April 1968

Released 21 June 1968 Decca LK 4945


“The Original Fleetwood Mac” – Fleetwood Mac

Released on Blue Horizon CBS 63875 May 1971


“Undead” – Ten Years After

Recorded 14th May 1968.

Released 16th August 1968 on Deram DML/SML 1023


“Halfbreed” – Keef Hartley Band

Recorded between 7th Oct & 12th Dec 1968, released 1969 on Deram SML 1037


“Talk About That” – John Mayall

Recorded 2016, released on Forty Below Records FBR 015


“The Aynsley Dunbar Retaliation” – Aynsley Dunbar’s Retaliation

Released July 1968 Liberty LBL 83154 1968


“Fresh Cream” – Cream

Recorded August–November 1966 at Rayrik & Ryemuse Studios, London

Released 9th December 1966 on the Reaction label Prod: Robert Stigwood


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